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Statistics for Uganda (Source: UNICEF)


thousands of women living with HIV


% of children age 6-23 months are fed appropriately

In Africa many people living with HIV/AIDS die faster because of a lack of food supplements that should go with their medication. In 2013 we were invited by a young girl during our Evangelistic mission trip to Zambia to go and pray for her mother who had Aids, but by the time we got to her home we found out that her mother had passed away due to a lack of food—and after many days of taking HIV & AIDS drugs on an empty stomach. Our hearts were broken so we decided to dedicate the sales of Dr. Kazumba Charles's second book "Revisiting The Foundations" to raise funds to help women living with HIV/AIDS in Africa.

Join us in making a difference in Africa by helping these women living with HIV/AIDS buy food supplements. You can make a donation of any amount or buy a copy of Revisiting The Foundations book as a way of supporting this life changing project.


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Dr. Kazumba Charles in HSBN studios

We have been humbled and blessed to be partnering with the Holy Spirit Broadcasting Network and reach out to many nations by this stream.

We are working with the help and strength of the Holy Spirit to bring new topics that would encourage, empower, inspire leaders, experienced as those to be.

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