About the Kazumbas

About the Kazumba family

Dr. Kazumba was born in Zambia, while his wife Glory Kazumba was born in Tanzania. They both come from an interesting background, which makes their ministry even more dynamic. Evangelist, Kazumba is former soccer player who grew up as a troublesome young man with no hope of living a meaningful and Spirit-filled life, but that changed dramatically in 1999. After being inspired and influenced to serve the Lord by his mother, a powerful intercessor, Kazumba encountered the power and presence of the living God that radically changed his life.

Glory Kassimu Kazumba was born Khadija Kassimu—in a Muslim family and practiced Islam for many years until 2001 when she experienced the true presence of Jesus Christ. As a young Muslim girl, she went through abuse of all kinds—and began questioning the god of Islam if He was a true living God. This led her to go on a secret journey of searching for the real and living God. She would sneak into a Church service on Sunday just to hear the word of God and go back home into a life of Islam. But one day she was invited to a crusade and it was at that crusade where the Lord’s hand touched her powerfully and she surrendered her life to the Lord, Jesus Christ. When her family found out, she was kicked out and received death threats, but this could not stop her from pursuing Jesus Christ heartedly.

In 2002, she met Dr. Kazumba in Arusha as he was visiting Tanzania and they become good friends. In 2005 they got married, which led to her family to disown her but today because of the power of Jesus Christ she is now reconnected to her family and her younger sister has given her life to the Lord too. Glory is passionate about sharing the power of the word of God and reaching out to Muslims with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. Both Glory Kazumba and Dr. Kazumba are powerful ministers of the gospel and full of the anointing of Jesus Christ. God is using them mightily around the world to empower His people with the power of the word of God at crusades, seminars, and conferences.